The Frenzel Difference

I was fortunate enough in my career to have a great coach who taught me that no matter how accomplished a person is, in order to be a difference maker in people’s lives, it takes more than just employing your IQ (Intelligence Quotient).  EQ (Emotional Quotient), rather, is just as important, if not more so.

Ultimately, to earn my clients respect, it always comes down to the same things:  character, personal integrity, empathy, responsibility, ownership of my mistakes, and trust.  With my EQ top-of-mind, I set out to build my personal brand.  Several years ago, I trademarked the words “Life On Life’s Terms™” for my wealth management practice.  The term has been used before but had never been associated with one's “financial health” and wellbeing.

In its basic definition, Life On Life’s Terms™ centers on the concept of understanding people and situations where we have little or no control.  Life evolves every day, and our experiences are unpredictable and uniquely different person to person.  Think of the many things that can impact your life every day, such as people’s behaviors, your spouse, your boss, your coach, your health, the health of others you care about, Mother Nature, and even pandemics.  The list is endless, but I imagine you understand the basic concept.

How is this connected to your personal financial goals?  My number one priority is to have a trusted financial relationship with you throughout all of the financial aspects of life we can control.  Together, we know there will be things that are unexpected.  However, when it comes to your “financial health,” we do have the choice to plan and prepare.  No matter what your personal financial goals may be, it is my job to fully understand them and help you pursue them.  This is the essence of personal financial planning, no matter what accomplishments in life you may have achieved.

As a financial advisor for you and your family, together, we can work toward your goals and pursue your dreams, all with the goal of protecting your hard earned wealth.  Remember, “Life” inspires, challenges, celebrates, tests, gives, hurts, prepares, rewards, and, of course, happens. “Life On Life’s Terms™.”