About Henry

Henry E. Frenzel, CFP®
Vice President/Investments



Henry E. Frenzel, CFP®, of the Frenzel Wealth Advisory Group at Stifel handles complex and often stressful financial situations and simplifies the concepts and communication to help clients proceed with confidence and understanding.  In his role, he consults with a broad range of individuals on their investments and wealth planning needs.  His group at Stifel will assist in the development and implementation of specific investment planning strategies.

Henry stays closely involved in following ongoing investment research, tax and estate planning changes, and global macroeconomic issues.  He strives to deliver an exceptional client experience tailored to the specific needs of the individuals and businesses he serves.  To that end, he will collaborate with top estate planning attorneys and tax professionals to complement his service offerings and help assure his clients are positioned for maximum tax efficiency, risk mitigation for assets, and family wealth transfer.

Henry’s experience with complex family and business wealth planning issues has led him to develop and refine his wealth planning process to more fully focus on each person’s individual goals and objectives.  He believes that proper planning best prepares individuals for Life On Life’s Terms™ by acknowledging that life often delivers the unexpected.  Just as change is the only constant, in life we should expect the unexpected.  Henry's methodology for wealth planning is based on the understanding that defining each person’s needs and a comprehensive approach to wealth planning will help prepare his clients for Life On Life’s Terms™.

In September 2001, Henry began his career in the field of wealth management with the firm of A.G. Edwards.  As his practice grew, he continued his education to earn the Accredited Asset Management SpecialistSM (AAMS®) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional certifications.

The skill set Henry brings to wealth management had been honed and refined over a 20-year career in the advertising industry.  He has worked in creative start-up companies, developing the entrepreneurial spirit of successful business owners, and in large corporate environments, helping promote brand awareness and consumer engagement.  As an advertising commercial producer, he managed multiple assignments, creative disparities, and complex legal and financial issues simultaneously.

Henry’s prior career in advertising included five years with NFL Properties, the marketing and sponsorship division of the National Football League, where he brought his experience and production expertise to the NFL’s in-house ad and design department.  He oversaw initiatives in support of NFL promotion, pro-social campaigns, retail, NFL.com, ticket sales, thank you spots, and sponsorship opportunities.  The nationally televised Super Bowl commercials he produced received media recognition for three consecutive years: In 1999, during Super Bowl XXXIII, the NFL “Thank You” spot was voted by USA Today AdMeter as the fifth best commercial shown during the Super Bowl, and Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today show called it his favorite spot. The following year, “Thank You Fans,” was chosen as the third best Super Bowl commercial by Advertising Age’s ad critic, Bob Garfield, and his ad for Super Bowl XXXV was voted best Super Bowl ad by Sports Illustrated magazine.

From his work in advertising, where he managed large sums of money and tight timelines, Henry brings to wealth management the savvy to accurately track current trends, adjust to changes in market climate, and make complex ideas client friendly.  His Life on Life’s Terms™ approach to wealth planning leverages decades of experience with these complex issues.  He’s a clear communicator who knows the importance of getting it right the first time.

Henry is a graduate of Kutztown University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Television Production.  He has two grown daughters and resides in the Edgewater, New Jersey, area.